Making Money With Surveys In Nigeria

 Making A Lot Of Money With Surveys In Nigeria

Getting into online survey business without the rules in this post might yield a negative result..  I ve been in the game of taking online surveys for a long time and i am going to show you the rules of gaining the best out of online surveys, especially as a Nigerian.
first of all you should know that there is no company that pays $200 – $300 and above per survey. you should also know that the information contained in this post is what most info-marketers turn into e-books and sell to their subscribers.
I was a victim of those that usually purchase most of these info-products, but when i start applying the guides contained in these reports, i end up getting more confused.

Also online surveys that claim to pay $30 and above per survey, are surveys that requires you to try out a product before you get paid and if you cancel your trial period before the required time, then you won’t get paid.
     Note that If you are planning to make huge and unlimited income through paid online surveys, I will personally tell you that it is an impossible mission.

              Below are the golden rules that must be obeyed to profit from online surveys

Note 01 This information is mainly for Nigerians.
Note 02 you should also know that most of the best and top leading survey companies that actually pay are based mainly in United States,Canada,United Kingdom and Some parts of Asia.

 To overcome all these problems you need to follow the rules below…

Rule 1 > Get a very fast internet connection and a healthy computer: most of the survey sites make use of flashy and high contrast image that require a broadband connection for it to load. you can also  make use of a cyber cafe that has a fast network but while using a Cyber cafe or a public computer, you should never forget to clear your data after you are done with your internet activities.

Rule 2 > Change your IP address; you can make use of the proxy sites in this post or you make use of the method explained here.

Rule 3 > Get a US Virtual address or get a UK address. this is the great task that normally holds down some Nigerians on their journey of paid online surveys.  To make a fortune from paid online surveys. you must have a foreign address especially that of USA. if you don’t hide or anonymise your ip address, you may get messages like this “your country is not supported” or “fraudulent practices have been detected from the country you are coming from
Rule 4 > Your Debit Master card must be ready : Most of the offers that contains the big amount in paid online survey sites are meant to be completed with master cards. There are two methods that you can get a good master card which will serve the purpose.
(A) Graph card : graphcard offers you an online visa card that can be use to make purchases or payment anywhere and any time online. Once you pay for your virtual address on graphcard then you can also apply for the visa card and follow it correctly.
(B) Banks : you can also get a master card from the banks located here in Nigeria. the three best banks that are good in online services are  …

  • Gtbank : gtbank offers you a master card once you open an account with them. the master card costs one thousand naira and its yearly maintenance fee is three thousand naira as a the time of this post. All these will automatically be deducted from your account.
  • First bank of Nigeria : first bank issues you a master card after you have opened a domiciliary account with them. why first bank stand out among others is that their customers service is very satisfactory.
  • Zenith bank : I regard this bank as the big boys bank. to get a master card from them you have to open a domiciliary account which cost $100 and the card is strictly for online services. the master card attracts a particular amount each time you make any transaction.
So you can now make you choice based on your location or services or time; but I highly recommend gtbank.

Rule 5 > Get a new email address
  Most survey sites send large volume of emails to their member and if you’re the type that uses one email for every thing, then you may find it difficult separating your important mails from survey mails.

Rule 6 >Get a form filler
    Form fillers are applications or browser add ons that help you to fill out forms easily. although there are many form fillers on the internet but i highly recommend roboform which can be downloaded as a browser add-on or an application.

Rule 7 : check in always
  when you sign up for a particular survey site and you fail to sign-in regularly then you are heading the wrong side. signing in regularly improves your account and might earn you some cash, just like cashcrate where you get paid for checking in.

Rule 8 > Keep note of your Information’s
 when filling out a paid online survey, you need to take note of the answers you give to each question because these questions can be repeated in some other surveys; And when they don’t match with the one you gave earlier, your account might be terminated.

Rule 9 >Complete almost all offers
Once you sign up for a survey company, you will get a lot of survey to complete and emails to respond to. each time you log in, try to complete at least 18 out of 20 surveys so as to show that you are capable for more survey and also increase your earnings.

Rule 10 > General advice
Online survey can not really make you an unlimited cash but it’s just a start for those that really want to start earning online.
In my next post on this category, i will show you the best seven online survey site.

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