How to Easily Create & Add Favicon into Blogger Blog

Getting your own custom favicon on your blog.... in 3....2....1....

Okay here we go..... I know a lot of you visit different blogs and cant help but admire the entire design and flare that the blog enjoys. Having said that, you can agree with me that a favicon might not necessarily make you blog awesome but it does at the very least give you that ........... I dont know, kind of feeling. Anyway let's get on with it.

Now there are a lot of ways to get or create a favicon for your blog but am going to just cover one.
If you already have a pic you'd like to use for the favicon, then you are half way there, else

  • Open your browser and type generate a favicon
  • A bunch of sites are going to pop up just select one and proceed
  • Or you could go straight to Favicon Generator and create your own favicon or select from thire gallery
  • Or you can upload a photo you want to use as your favicon.
  • Then click generate and wait for the download link to show then download the .ico file

Adding the Favicon To Blogger Blog

Login to your blogger dashboard and navigate to layout

Then Click on Favicon Tab and Edit

A pop up window will appear where you can search and select the .ico favicon we just created.

Select the file and hit save and voila 

You Have just created a favicon......

If you encounter any problems or have any thing to share.... feel free to use the comment box below and dont forget to share to friends.....

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