Google Adsense: Tips on How to Earn More

Google Adsense> is still by far the best way to make money online from blogs or just any website, especially when you’re just start out. Here are some tips on how to earn more with Adsense.

First you must understand that it is the traffic that brings in money. More traffic you have will make you more money.  Apart from the traffic, it’s the CTR or click-through rate, which determines how much money you earn from Adsense.

CTR simply means the ratio of ad clicks to impressions. Say for every 100 times the ads had been shown on your website if you get 5 clicks, the CTR is 5%. If the click rate is high, then, it also mean more money with less traffic and more traffic back to earn more money.
You can improve the CTR by blending the ads in the content. The people of this age are turning to blind ads. I mean, no one visits a Web site to click on an ad link. This is so because people are only looking for pure information. But if there are more information on your site, people will keep coming back, and the more they look, the more ads they see and because the ads matches the contents of your site, people tends to click on them.
Make your ads look like regular content. Place them in positions where they can be seen. Don’t just hide them!
Since Adsense supports various color options and formats, you can choose the one that best fit your blog or site look. You must always use the same background color of your blog or website to display background color and make sure the background color and border color of the ads are the same so as not to create a border around the ads. Reason behind this is that, if there is border around ads, visitors tend to overlook them because they look abstract – telling them it’s an advert.
Finally, if you could not decide the color that will match your website because of the limitation provided by Adsense, make your blog look and content to match the ads.
After the improvement of the CTR, active work on attracting more traffic should be your priority. Optimize your website for high rankings in search engines because this is where you get the most of traffic from. As it is said, organic traffic is king. You can also participate in forums and get links to your site by using the signature functionality. You can also get backlinks by commenting on other blogs that are similar to your niche, but do not overdo it because it might get you banned as a spammer. Make it look natural, and you should be fine.
You can also submit articles to many directories and link back to your site. Take advantage of Web 2.0 features such as Sqidoo and use social media to gain attention and traffic to your blog.
Final Word:
To increase your Google Adsense earnings, improve on your CTR, write quality and unique contents, do some backlinking by commenting on related blogs and posting on forums. And also, let your ads match your blog’s look. Rinse and repeat the process and keep writing fresh content to your blog every day for more free traffic from search engines, which ultimately help you make more money not only with Adsense, but with any other method you’re using to make money online.

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