Easiest Way to Get Google Adsense Approved Within 24 Hours

Although I have written extensively on 3 Simple Steps to Get Your Google Adsense Approved
Within 24 Hours through flixya website. But recently, I have been getting excuses about that method. You should be aware that this method is not a secret or a particular trick to get Google Adsense account but it is an opportunity you can take to bypass the headache of getting approved through your blog or website. However, it is always safe to apply through your website or blog because that is the best. You might want to adjust whatever the Adsense Team is requiring you to do.
That is by the way. If you are tired and want to really get your approved Google Adsense, the information below will help you out.
I observed that Google is playing too strict in this aspect and banning of accounts is becoming too rampant. So, I often get this questions from fans and readers of SOJBlog.com on how they can really get accepted into Google Adsense program. Then recently, I met one of my friend who told me about this website that one can use to apply for Adsense. This website is Docstoc.
Docstoc is a website where you can write and share about anything or information you write. Apart from sharing your write-up, which you have to upload to your account as a document, it give every member to earn from their uploaded documents through Google Adsense on a 50/50 sharing formular. When any of your uploaded documents is viewed, Adsense ads will show up and when a visitor click on the ad, you earn but the earnings will be shared 50/50 with Docstoc.
According to Docstoc, it is the premier online business for the best quality and widest selection of documents used to start, grow, and manage your professional life and small business. Docstoc provides the platform to upload and share documents with the world, and serves as a vast repository of free and for purchase legal, business, financial, technical, and educational documents that can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded.
This is one of the easiest way to get Adsense account as they have been online since 2007 and have proven trustworthy.
How to Get Google Adsense Account thru Docstoc
Let me go straight forward to the point…
1. Click here to go to Docstoc and click ‘Register’ at the top-right corner to register an account for free.
2. After confirming your email, upload some documents. Documents can be in form of a PDF, TEXT, MS WORD or other formats. Make sure those documents are unique and not copied.
3. Then go to DocCash to register. The DocCash is the program that let you earn from your uploaded documents through Adsense.

If your application was successful, you will get a success message.

4. Series of email will be sent to your email ID, look for the one from Google Adsense, open it and click the link inside it to fill the Adsense Application Form. Make sure you fill this form correctly.
5. Then wait. You will get a congratulatory message from Google Adsense.
That’s kind of easy, right?
Try it and see if it will work for you. You can also leave a comment to share your experience with Google Adsense application so others can learn from them. If you have really gain from this piece, why not share it with your friends – they will thank you for it.
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