How to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Blog/Website

How do I get free targeted traffic to my blog or website? This question is becoming most asked question in the online community. Everybody seems to be finding a better way to get thousands of visitors to their sites without paying a single dime. It is a good idea anyways. Not everybody has the resource to go for paid advertisement especially the newbies. There are two types of traffic has regards our topic – Free and Paid.

The paid traffic deals with paying a certain amount to buy advertisement from advertising company like Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads,
Facebook Ads, etc. But our focuse today is how we can generate targeted traffic to our blog/website free of charge. And there are numerous ways to do this. Below, I have listed few ways (I can remember at the moment) to get free targeted traffic to your websites/blogs.

Free Traffic Sources:
Article Marketing
Video Marketing
Blog Marketing/Joint Venturing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Niche Forums
Blog Commenting
Viral ebooks
Free Reports
Free Video Distribution (Youtube, MetaCafe, etc)
Answering Communities (Yahoo Answers, Wiki, Google Baraza, etc)
Free Press Release
Directory Submission
RSS Feeds
Traffic Exchanges
Banner Exchanges
Link Exchanges
Safe Lists and List Swap
Article Resource Boxes
Video Descriptions
Word of Mouth (offline)
The above lists are not limited to free ways to get traffic to ones websites. They are just few of the few ways to do it. In my upcoming series of articles, I will be analyzing all these free traffic sources one by one. So if you do not want to miss all the tutorials on how to get free targeted traffic to your blog/website, Click here to subscribe to our post updates. Then go to your email inbox to activate your subscription.
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