5 New and Unique Ways Of Using USB Flash Drives

Over the past few years, technology has continued to evolve and develop, and new ways of saving files and computer storage continue to change. The history of computer storage started from the invention of the floppy disk to the cloud storage, and will likely continue to evolve.

The USB flash drive is unique among other data storage methods. Not only are USB drives still a reliable storage method – and especially for those who still prefer a portable storage method – but they also possess other little known capabilities. These are a few unique flash drive uses that can come in handy and make you look like a tech pro

#1: Secure Your Computer:

If you’re concerned about the security of your computer and want to ensure no one else has access to your files and programs, your flash drive can help you do this. Certain applications will enable you to essentially turn your USB drive into a key for locking and unlocking your computer without the need for a password. You’ll need to keep your flash drive plugged in while you work, and simply remove it when you’re done to keep your computer secure.

#2: Bring Your Applications Along With You:

Certain open-source software is available for free that will enable you run applications directly from your USB, making them completely portable. This means that you can use many of your typical programs on a friend’s computer, such as word processing, without having to download them. A great option for business trips or vacations where you find yourself without your PC, you can be rest assured knowing you’ll still have access to the software you need wherever  you are.

#3: Listen to Music:

If you find yourself without your mp3 player, use your USB drive as a temporary fix to listen to your favorite songs. Create a folder on your USB to store your music files. Bring this along anywhere you go, and you’ll be able to listen to your music on any computer using the default audio player. This is also an easy way to listen to and share music when visiting friends or family.

#4: Get Rid of Viruses:

You can use a flash drive to help you get rid of computer viruses when in a pinch. Look for antivirus applications that can be installed on and run directly from a flash drive. Should you find yourself having computer issues due to a virus, you’ll be able to quickly and easily run a program to help get your computer back to normal.

#5: Brand your Company:

One simple way to use a USB drive is for company branding purposes. Since USBs are a great tool to have around, for both data storage and some of the unique uses listed above, they can be effective in branding when designed with a particular logo. Give them out to clients, partners, and vendors during industry events or as a part of every new employee’s welcome packet. Not only are they affordable, but you can customize them to have numerous shapes and designs, easily turning them into an extension of your brand.

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