How SMS Marketing Can Really Help Your Business

Nowadays , SMS Marketing (a.k.a Text Marketing) is becoming a widely used means of marketing products and services. Using SMS services can really help your business grow, help you make more sales and at the same time, can drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. SMS marketing allows you to interact with your prospects and customers in a much more personal way than email. This is because most people use cell phones these days, and using this type of marketing technique will get your message across to many people at a very cheap cost.

Why Do I Need SMS Marketing for My Business?

SMS marketing can comes handy when you need more sales and brand exposure. This method is perfect for anyone wishing to promote products or services and increase customer loyalty.

You can create a new revenue source by offering paid services to your customers. Common services you see around are Ringback Tones, Quiz and so on. A lot of many money can be made from this method of advertising.

You can also use Text marketing as a mass alert to everyone. Since 80% of all cell phone users carry their phone all the time with them, it is certain that they will get your message within 5 minutes of sending it. This is important in terms of emergency issue, instead of sending emails, sms comes handy.

You can also use this method as a reminder. Doctors and dentists offices will never miss another appointments because they can now ulitilze SMS messageing to remind their patients of their upcoming appointments. Also, this is good for internet marketers too. They can follow up on their prospect and turn them into paying customers.

As 94% of all text messages are read, your marketing messages will be seen by virtually all of your subscribers in your campaign. Email messages can be deleted even before reading, but I have not seen anyone delete a message without first opening it to read.

With text messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, you can use mobile marketing for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your sales-page and give a discount, hence making sales.

Text marketing can also be used for a wide range of announcing new product, one-day specials, new store openings, special events, discount products, etc.

And above all, this method is very cheap. With a little money out of your pocket, you can make an SMS advertising to thousands of people and 90% of them will surely get your message.

In fact, there are many more reasons you should start using SMS Marketing as a way to grow your business.

Such a versatile marketing tool, like SMS, is completely compatible with any type of business you can imagine. Whether you are a plastic surgeon or a restaurant owner, an internet marketer, a blogger or any type of entrepreneur in between, you will be able to customize this marketing tool to suit your unique needs. You will be able to reach a great number of people who are currently customers, as well as people who have the potential to become customers. This, in turn, will increase awareness of your business. SMS marketing will also increase your sales exponentially. It allows your customer base to become interactive with you on a regular basis. By making sure you use a branding keyword when communicating with your customers, you will be able to build brand awareness and loyalty more quickly.

So, start utilizing this method of advertizing and gain more prospect and customers. And a very cheap way to do this is by using Bulk SMS services. With bulk sms, you can send various text messages to millions of people at the same time, either immediately or scheduled, for a very low price.

If you are in Nigeria, you can send a customized, bulk SMS at the rate of just N2 per SMS. You can also brand your message with a customized Sender Name. For example, if you own a secondary school and you want to reach out to the parents of your students, you can choose to use your school name as the sender’s name, then type your message and send it. With this, the message will be branding your school and look professional.

To start sending cheap, customized and bulk SMS in Nigeria, go to It is free to register and also cheap to send bulksms.

I hope this will help your business grow, make more sales and get your business out to your target audience, prospects and customers.

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