How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings Using Ads Category

Every now and then, both pro-bloggers and newbie-bloggers keep looking for a better way to tweak their Adsense in other to earn more.
There are many and different ways or methods one can increase Google Adsense earnings. And you might ask yourself, why should I keep reading this when I have read over the same thing all over the Internet times without number? All what I can say… keep reading!
This method, which you might already know or must have come across is very simple and effective but most bloggers keep off their eyes from it. This method is very effective in increasing adsense earnings apart from the controversial ad placement, color blend and bigger size. I called this method ‘Category Filter‘.

This is what we will be doing…
We are going to check through all the categories (about 50) and block those that are performing very poor.
This method is used to allow or block categories of ads from showing on our blogs or sites.
In short, this is how Google put it;
Category blocking allows you to prevent ads from upto 50 categories and sub-categories from appearing on your site
Okay, let us go on to block the less productive ads categories in our Adsense account
1. Login to your Google Adsense account and click ‘Allow or block ads‘ tab (in the New Interface)
2. Select ‘General Categories
3. Select the product you wish to work on. Here, I choose the products one after the other from ‘Content’ to ‘Mobile Content’ excluding ‘Search’ because it has no category settings
4. Scroll down to see ‘All categories’ in tabular form with the ‘Category name’, ‘Ad Impression (%)’ and ‘Earnings (%)’
5. Check through the list of categories thoroughly, including the ‘Ad Impression’ and ‘Earnings’
6. Weigh the ‘Ad Impression’ against ‘Earnings’ for each category
7. Block any category that is performing very low. For example, if the ‘Arts & Entertainment‘ category has ’15% Ad Impressions’ and ’0.8% Earnings’, then you need no prophet to tell you that this category should be blocked.
The main reason we have to block the un-performing ads categories is simple. We need to create room for well-performing ads to appear on our blog so that enough visitors can see them and thus, increasing our CTR which inturns increases our Google Adsense income.
Google will even recommend not to block some categories by using the phrase
Too big to block
That is because that particular ads category is performing well on your blog/site.
However, some ‘Sensitive Categories’ might overlapped with some ‘General Categories’ and ‘Sub-categories’. So make sure you also check out the ‘Sensitive Category‘.
Repeat this process for all the products you are running on Google Adsense. For me, I have just 3 products (excluding Adsense for Search) which are Adsense for Content, Adsense for Feed and Adsense for Mobile Content.
That is the update for now. Hope it helps. You can use the comment form below to share your experiences in your journey of making better income with Google Adsense. If you do not want to miss wonderful tips on how to increase your Google Adsense earnings, you can drop your active email below and I will make sure I send upcoming tips to your email.a
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